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Third Acre Farm

About Us

We are a small neighborhood honey stand In Cupertino, CA.  This is a hobby gone amuck. It started with a sweet tooth and a fierce desire for honey in my morning coffee, which led to me answering a beekeeping class advert.

Our bees are accessing a wide range of nectar and pollen and are not subjected to the heavy chemical exposure often found in modern farming practices.

This is a small operation and all of our sales are from our little honey stand outside our house from 8am - 8pm.


I use glass jars and give back $2 for each jar returned. Sorry, only for the jars that I use though.

We do not do online sales or shipping.

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Contact Us


21411 Vai Avenue

Cupertino, CA 95014


408 489 7499

Opening Hours

Always open when in stock

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